"Amazing!"   "Life Changing!" 
Learn how to master your life with human behavior expert Dr. John Demartini at his powerful personal development course, The Breakthrough Experience. Now presented online in 3 time zones USA, UK and AUS!
“Phenomenal! Incredible” ~B. Bester
“To say that this changed my life is an understatement” ~S. Trill
Dr John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience is a profound 2-day personal development seminar that will provide you with incredible human behavior knowledge, tools and solutions to help you empower and inspire your life.

You’ll be introduced to the Demartini Method, a scientific process that will enable you to transform any emotion or challenge and wake up a deep gratitude for your life.

You'll learn how to build relationships, wealth and business. Clarify your purpose, achieve your goals and so much more in two powerful life transforming days.

“Your work has saved my life, I’m eternally grateful” ~M. Lin
"It was truly amazing and I’m so grateful to my friend for recommending it. 
It’s something I’ll be recommending for the rest of my life."   ~D. Key


The most powerful personal development seminar on the planet!

Created by Dr John Demartini, the Breakthrough Experience is the culmination of 48 years of interdisciplinary study where you will be introduced to two powerful processes, the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination Process. 

Their practical applications solve issues, balance emotions and expand your life fulfilment and potential. 

The Breakthrough Experience will provide you with powerful solutions to help you resolve fear, depression, resentment, anger, intimidation, low self-esteem, guilt, grief or anxiety and any emotion you’d love to have stop ‘running’ your life. You will learn how to solve challenges, build relationships, clarify your purpose, achieve your goals and so much more in just two days.
If you would love to take your personal or professional success to a whole new level, if you would love to know how to transform whatever you perceive as ‘in the way’ to ‘on the way’ then make the wisest life decision today by signing onto the Breakthrough Experience. 

This program will get you past your self-imposed limitations so you can develop your true potential, empower all areas of your life and achieve even more than you may once have thought possible.

at the breakthrough experience Dr John Demartini will show you how to:

  •   ​Transform and empower the seven primary areas of your life with the Demartini Method
  • ​  Determine your true highest values to help you navigate more congruently through life
  •  ​ Change your perceptions to change your life – transforming ‘in the ways’ to ‘on the ways’
  • ​  Break through any injected limiting beliefs and create the life you feel you deserve
  • ​ ​​ Dissolve volatile emotions that are distracting or running your life
  •   Overcome your wealth-building limitations and increasing your deserve level
  • ​  Transform perceptions of loss, grief, depression and anger into love and appreciation
  • ​ ​ Build stronger relationships through effective communication and realistic expectations
  •   ​Relieve tension and frustration due to unfulfilled or unrealistic expectations
  • ​  ​Live a more inspired, purposeful, meaningful and prosperous life

GET THE ADVANTAGE in all areas of your life.

Powerful Life Solutions
Mental Empowerment | Financial Empowerment | Social Empowerment | Familial Empowerment | Business Empowerment | Spiritual Empowerment

"It was fascinating to learn about the balance in life. It is such an awakening to understand this. 
I know that I will use all the insights I gained in my day to day life." ~L. Campbell


  • Online manual provided and also shared on screen.
  • Raise hand option available if you want to ask a question.
  • Administrators online to oversee that everything goes smoothly.
  • Personalized interactions
  • Saves you time and costs
  • More one on one time with Dr Demartini
  • Fully Interactive online interface
  • Complete overview of everyone in the class
  • In the comfort of your own home


"At the Breakthrough Experience I became really clear on what it is that I wanted to do with my life, and as a result proceeded to take action steps to set up my business. Today I run my own business and without the clarity of vision and learning the how to of achieving goals that Dr. Demartini taught in the program, I am certain that I would not have had the courage to follow my dream and experience the success I do today."
F. Du Plessis 

"The Breakthrough Experience has truly lived up to its name. The Breakthrough Experience has shown me why and how to develop my true destiny. I cannot put a figure to the return on the investment I made in this course. Thank you to John and his team."  
N. Hawke 

"The Breakthrough Experience was the most inspirational weekend of my life. Dr Demartini has brought balance back to my life and most importantly has taught me to rebalance when needed. This is truly a magnificent gift." 
S. Goldstien 

"I've done many different courses throughout my life and have never experienced the shifts that I did during this weekend's Breakthrough Experience. I am truly inspired by the Demartini Method. Attending this course is invaluable and an absolute must for a guaranteed breakthrough." 
N. Saloojee 

"Since I attended the Breakthrough Experience, my life has changed in so many ways. I struggled with stressful situations in my business that were overwhelming me. Now I see these situations as valuable feedback that add to my business. I am eternally grateful for this change in perspective.  My business income has grown, the quality of my management and staff improved and if I am asked is there a correlation with having done the Breakthrough Experience, I say without a doubt yes."  
A. Cilliers

Due to the nature of human behavior and real life issues, or challenges you or other attendees may face, during the Breakthrough Experience seminar, you may be exposed to moments where the use of adult language and stories may be expressed and so it has been appropriately classified as an R-Rated program concerning language and jokes. 

During the 2-day personal development program there may be mature or potentially challenging topics addressed by Dr Demartini or fellow attendees. If you are sensitive to such language or if you’d are easily offended by topics of sexual, gender, political, or religious nature then this program may not be a fit for you. 

We are all responsible for creating a ‘safe’ space where people can work through their issues and share their individual stories if they choose. We ask that you respect people’s outer social privacy and that you do not share details of the content shared by fellow attendees outside of the confines of the seminar. 

Dr Demartini is dedicated to helping people breakthrough their issues and will do whatever he can to help you and the rest of the group achieve that result. You will be expected to participate in an 8-hour practical, accountable, work session where you will work through a 14-step process called the Demartini Method. Should you decide not to fully participate in the practical work, we cannot guarantee the results. This program is not a ra-ra, stand on chairs, support your fantasy, spectator, or herd mentality program. It is a serious seminar program dedicated to being accountable and empowering all of the seven areas of your life, your leadership and your self-mastery. 

We urge you to fully commit to work as thoroughly as possible through all the practical sessions to ensure that you take the deepest transformation out of the 2 days. The Breakthrough Experience is a profound 2 days, packed with 48 years worth of knowledge and wisdom that will equip you with powerful tools that will give you a defining advantage in all seven areas of your life. If all of the above doesn’t frighten you away, then we cannot wait to welcome you to the next Breakthrough Experience program in your time zone.
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