Webinar by Dr John Demartini
From Setbacks To Comebacks
Get Clear on Your Purpose, Take Action and Turn Challenge into Inspired Opportunity
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Honolulu - 8 am, Los Angeles - 11 am, Denver - Midday
Houston - 1 pm, New York - 2 pm, GMT - 6 pm
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London - 6 pm, Johannesburg - 8 pm, New Delhi - 11:30 pm
Tokyo - 3 am (27 Oct), Sydney - 5 am (27 Oct),
Auckland - 7 am (27 Oct), GMT - 6 pm
Monday 26 October 2020, 11 am PDT or 6 pm GMT
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Monday, Oct 26, 11AM

Pacific Daylight Time

Dr. John Demartini

Your Host
After 7 months of living through the current pandemic, you’ve certainly proved that you’re resilient and adaptable.

I’m pretty sure that you already know there’s opportunity in chaos and that whatever challenges you’re facing, your intuition is likely guiding you to the awareness that it’s on the way, instructive… and working for you!

But perhaps you’ve not yet quite figured out how to identify what the opportunity is?

Or maybe, you’ve seen opportunity but you’ve not yet had the courage and clear vision to take action to leverage it?

This pandemic has brought many so called ‘setbacks’ for people in their businesses, finances, health and relationships. It’s also opened up many new opportunities and provided the push to propel enormous innovation and growth in many areas of life.

I myself have had to adapt by moving all my classes online and learning new technologies.

Being online created opportunities in the form of new programs and ways of conducting business which has really helped both me and my team to grow.

I call the virus “St Corona” because I am grateful for the perfect balance of support and challenge that this pandemic has delivered in and for my life.

Napoleon Hill said in his Think and Grow Rich book, that one of the key pillars for success is knowing what you really want, having a strong desire, knowing the end in mind. That’s where it all starts.

Discovering the perfect opportunity emerging from the so called ‘challenge’ will give you renewed energy, enthusiasm and the certainty of direction to propel you forward into action.

If you’re ready for a new perspective on life and you’d love to turn any challenge or setback into an inspired new opportunity, creating a new direction for your life, then join me for my latest online webinar: From Setbacks To Comebacks taking place on 26 October 2020 at 11 am Pacific Time.
Monday 26 October 2020, 11 am PDT or 6 pm GMT
Dr. John Demartini
Dr. John Demartini is the world’s #1 authority on human behavior and personal empowerment. The knowledge he shares is a culmination of over 48 years of cross-disciplinary research. 

As a gifted educator, he travels full time around the world showing business leaders how to be more self-governed and empowered in all areas of their lives. He shows people how to develop their potential, clarify their purpose and inspire their relationships and live fulfilled lives. 

"It’s not what HAPPENS to you that matters, but what you decide to do with it that makes the difference." ~Dr. John Demartini

Monday 26 October 2020, 11am PDT or 6pm GMT