The Breakthrough Experience ONLINE
An inspired, convenient way to transform your life and do something amazing on planet earth.
Attending the First Ever Live and Inspired Online Breakthrough Experience program this past weekend was by far the best experience I’ve ever experienced online.  It was truly amazing and I’m so grateful to my friend for recommending it. It’s something I’ll be recommending for the rest of my life.   ~D Key
What's Included...
  • Online manual Provided and also shared on screen.
  • Raise hand option available if you want to ask a question.
  • Administrators online to oversee that everything goes smoothly.
Your Value And Benefits
  • Personalised interactions

  • Saves you time and costs

  • More one on one time with Dr Demartini
  • Fully Interactive online interface

  • Complete overview of everyone in the class

  • In the comfort of your own home

What Others Has To Say About The Program

"Thank you for putting this together, it was fun to watch Dr D do his magic. My favorite part was when he closed his eyes and was helping Gretchen see the Divine order in her event. Doing the method intuitively and spontaneously. He even seemed to know what the big baseball player protector guy looked like. It's amazing to see this, so thank you for putting it on. Thanks so much."
It was a wonderful seminar. Thanks to Dr. Demartini for all the fantastic information and insights! It was fascinating to learn about the balance in life. It is such an awakening to understand this. I know that I will use all the insights I gained in my day to day life. It is like starting a new chapter. I appreciate all that you did to organize us and keep us moving along as well! With gratitude and good wishes.
~ Louise
Experiencing the Breakthrough Experience in the comfort of my own home was a great first experience for many reasons. The main one being, while I was processing, reliving moments from the past, feeling past feelings, I was in the comfort of my own home, and things. I got to sleep in my own bed, and didn’t have to worry about external logistics, such as; planes, hotels, where to eat, etc. One might think, “I’ll be alone” but you’re not! You have a beautiful group of people on the same call, going through the same thing, all supporting each other in the chat room and talking during breaks and before/after sessions begin. I highly recommend the Breakthrough Experience because you will discover things about yourself that are dormant and it will open your senses to a new way of being in the world.
Dr Demartini and his Team are genuine and present! So, if you’re considering the seminar, don’t hesitate!
~Patty D
The Breakthrough Experience changed my whole perspective on life. Thank you for this gift.
I really enjoyed and in addition got a lot out my participation of the Breakthrough Experience. I did not feel that there was anything lacking or lessened in the overall experience, online. In fact in might have been more empowering since it was a limited group. What is so great about the experience is that as one gets insights from other's revelations and to see how those insights can and will empower them going forward.
~Dr J DeNoia
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