Master Planning
for Life
Designing, Expanding, Empowering all Areas of Your Life

Perhaps you've always meant to sit down and plan your life, but you’ve never had the discipline or clear time to get around to doing it? Or maybe you don't know where to begin?

Now there is help!

22 - 24 January 2021
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Full Price: AUD2,100

"Those Who Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail" ~Dr. John Demartini


FULL program recording included with your booking

The 3-Day Workshop Master Planning for Life gives you the time, guidance and focus to build the plan that will get you clear on how to create the life you dream of.

During the 3-day workshop, you will be guided through over 2000 questions helping you to define the detail that you wish to create in all 7 areas of life. Dr. Demartini will be personally available to help you so that you create your Master Life Manuscript that you can continue to develop and refine for the rest of your life.

During the 3-day intensive workshop you’ll be planning your own inspiring:

  • Business Success Plan
  •  Financial Success Plan
  • ​Relationship and Family Fulfilment Plan
  • ​Social Power, Influence and Leadership Plan
  • ​Physical Health and Wellbeing Plan
  • ​Spiritual Mission and Contribution Plan
  • ​Mental Genius Awakening Plan

This is the master planning procedure that Dr. John Demartini used to create his Master Life Manuscript that he reviews daily. 

He’ll tell you that it’s his most valuable book and has helped him to hold his vision, clarify his goals and achieve what he has accomplished to date.

✔️Online manual Provided and also shared on screen.

✔️Raise hand option available if you want to ask a question.

✔️Administrators online to oversee that everything goes smoothly.

✔️Personal time with Dr. Demartini as he is on your screen right in front of you.

✔️When you ask a question you are talking with Dr. Demartini personally, not across a room.

✔️Virtual Classroom.

✔️Complete overview of everyone in the class.

✔️In the comfort of your own home.

✔️Interactive interface.

FULL program recording included with your booking
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