Master Planning
for Life
3-Day Workshop Getting Clear on Your Goals in All 7 Areas of Your Life

Perhaps you've always meant to sit down and plan your life, but you’ve never had the discipline or clear time to get around to doing it? Or maybe you don't know where to begin?

January 28 - 30, 2022

Registration: 7:30am GMT
Times: 8am GMT - 7pm GMT
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"Those Who Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail" ~Dr. John Demartini


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Napoleon Hill said it beautifully in his book Think and Grow Rich, “a deep burning desire for something that will automatically result in actions will bring results”.

So getting clear on what you really, really want is key to creating the life of your dreams.

That’s why I put together a detailed series of questions, over 2000 of them in fact, to help you scan all the areas of your life, to help you to work out what exactly you want to create.

This is the essential place to start, to get clear, to have a plan, something that you are certain you want to create in order for the universe to hear and fulfil your inspired intentions.

Your power of manifestation comes from a clear intention and consistent action through time to achieve it.

You really can create an amazing life when you get clear and by following the steps I’ve laid out for you, you’ll activate a powerful manifestation process that through time will literally blow you away.

So many of my students come back to me after a year to share how amazed they are by what they’ve achieved since they created their plan. When they realize how powerful this process is, they return year on year to continue to set bigger goals and build upon their original plan.

I myself allocate time every day to update my master plan. I’ve many times had tears of inspiration when I look back through my manual and see some of the goals that I’ve set and see how they’ve already become real. I would not dedicate the time to do this daily, if I wasn’t convinced that this is the wisest allocation of my time. I structure my day around priorities and I know that when I want to achieve something, that allocating the time to plan is the highest priority action I can do to achieve it.

So perhaps you’ve always meant to sit down and plan your life, but never got around to doing it. Or maybe you just don’t know where to begin. Or possibly you didn’t realize how powerful the planning process is. Whatever the reason, now there is help. Master Planning for Life will give you the time, direction, and guidance to develop the detailed plan, to map out exactly what you want in life.

In 2005 I wrote out a detailed plan of what I wanted to achieve. None of it was real or even really feasible at the time but I just had such a strong desire to create what I wrote down. Now today what I wrote out has already come true and what then seemed far fetched, has become only a small part of what I’ve built today. I really didn’t understand the power of planning then, but I get it now!
~M. Warren

Once you have completed this amazing workshop you will have your very own Master Planning for Life Volume that you can continue to develop and refine for the rest of your life. Your Master Planning for Life Volume will include an outline of exactly what you intend to create in the 7 areas of your life as defined in your:

  • Business success plan
  •  Financial freedom plan
  • ​Relationship/family fulfilment plan
  • ​Social power and leadership plan 
  • ​Physical health and wellbeing plan
  • ​Spiritual mission and contribution plan
  • ​Mental genius awakening plan
This program has effectively aligned all mix matched sporadic goals, visions and aspirations together into one beautiful seamless MASTER PLAN that makes me feel inspired, on purpose, and ON FIRE to make it happen.”
~I. Gold

During The 3 Days You Will Discover How To:

  • Define your inspiring mission statement
  •  Blueprint your dreams in all areas of life
  • ​Organize and prioritize your specific action steps to get where you would love to be
  • ​Dissolve or discard low priority distractions in your life 
  • ​Turn great fears into simple daily tasks
  • ​Work out the kinks of building a masterful future
“My life will never be the same. MASTER PLANNING FOR LIFE is a “must attend” if you are interested in living your life to maximize your full potential.”
~J. Gardiner

Through planning, you create a fulfilled life, one filled with greater satisfaction and accomplishment. By not planning you remain in a vulnerable world of stressful reaction.

Take charge and build your life the way you would love it to be today.

✔️Online manual Provided and also shared on screen.

✔️Raise hand option available if you want to ask a question.

✔️Administrators online to oversee that everything goes smoothly.

✔️Personal time with Dr. Demartini as he is on your screen right in front of you.

✔️When you ask a question you are talking with Dr. Demartini personally, not across a room.

✔️Virtual Classroom.

✔️Complete overview of everyone in the class.

✔️In the comfort of your own home.

✔️Interactive interface.

What Other’s Have Said About This Program:

I was on the fence before, not able to pick which business path or life path to take. Dr Demartini’s Master Planning questions, made everything crystal clear. Also being able to ask Dr Demartini one on one questions with anything in my life really was the most valuable thing ever to destroy anything holding me back.”
~K. Patel

“I have always said that I would do this, but I never took the time. I appreciate the opportunity to put together all my thoughts, because it is a great gift to myself and it is a greater gift for my children.
~E. Lubrano

“I feel like I pulled years of dreams and thoughts together into a real vision and direction. I can actually see where I am heading. I feel empowered for the first time in the direction of my life. I feel certainty and a real mission. The financial mastery outline was phenomenal. I cannot wait to go home and devour all the material that is in here. Thank you for supplying the guidelines to bring to fruition my dreams.”
~E. Duncan

The benefits are infinite, especially at this time when I am setting up my consulting business.”
~J. Cline

“Master Planning for Life made a large impact on my advancement to extreme wealth and business clarity.”
~L. Riley

Expanded and clarified my vision of what is possible.
~A. Plant

“Master Planning for Life was truly a master planning for life. The course was not only about getting a direction for my dreams, but it provided me with practical inspirational tools and enabled me to become the architect of my destiny. It was definitely a magnificent gift.
~B. Diez

“I have done multiple workshops for goal settings, time management, life planning and learned many new ideas, but Master Planning for Life is definitely a paradigm shift. Not only do you get direction, clarification and inspiration to arrive at your destination, but also in the process you gain the awareness, and the understanding of any obstacles.”

“These 3 days could not have come at a more perfect time. I’m busy building a coaching business and this MASTER PLANNING FOR LIFE tool is something I will use forever to keep refining my life’s mission through my coaching.
~J. Knoesen

“Yet again another course with content that I’m not able to compare with anything I have ever encountered before. My very own masterpiece. Love it. Thank you very much.”
~N. Hughes

“I attended Master Planning for life and commented with “watch this space”. I now have a business doing what I love and being paid extremely well for it.
~N. Coulter
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FULL program recording included with your booking
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