Demartini Method Training Program Online
5 Days Learning How To Use The Demartini Method

This 5-day training program will teach you how to use the Demartini Method, whether you wish to use it for your own self-empowerment and transformation or whether you wish to use it professionally or incorporate it into your current career. 

26 - 30 August 2021
Day 1 - 5: 8am to 7pm BST

FULL program recording included with your booking

"The Demartini Method is the singular most powerful tool that I have as a coach" ~R. Landman

You discovered the power of the Demartini Method at the Breakthrough Experience program, now learn how to apply its many uses in all areas of life.

Some of you may even wish to master the process to go on to become Certified Demartini Method Facilitators. However you would love to use the Demartini Method, this is your first step on an inspiring journey of empowering yourself, your clients, your colleagues and your loved ones.

This program is a MUST for any person serious about mastering the art of transformation and empowerment in any area of life.

In this 5 Day Training Program you will:

  • Learn the principles and the applications of the Demartini Method
  • Learn how to apply the Demartini Method to transform and empower any area of life
  • Discover your ability to dissolve any emotion causing stress, tension or anxiety
  • ​Further understand the science and philosophy behind the Demartini Method
  • ​Learn how to quickly clarify the core issue to dissolve history in minutes and hours instead of days, weeks and years
  • ​Learn how to set up your business, master marketing and grow a client base
  • ​Learn how to handle challenging cases
  • ​Gain experience and grow your confidence using the Demartini Method
Online manual Provided and also shared on screen.
Raise hand option available if you want to ask a question.

Administrators online to oversee that everything goes smoothly.
Personal time with Dr Demartini as he is on your screen right in front of you.
When you ask a question you are talking with Dr. Demartini personally, not across a room.

Virtual Classroom.
Complete overview of everyone in the class.
In the comfort of your own home.

Interactive interface.

FULL program recording included with your booking

What Others Have To Say

"I can say with certainty, there is no other tool or synthesis of principles more effective and efficient in helping not only myself but also my clients on their journey toward self-realisation and self-actualisation. "
L. Chetty 

"The Demartini Method has assisted me in transforming my life to a level I use to dream about, & it hasn’t finished expanding!"
D. Cooper 

"I was fortunate enough to attend the Demartini Method Training Program, where I learnt to become more proficient with the method. I just really wanted to thank you; it was certainly more touching and moving than I thought it would be. . I have had profound results in applying the Demartini Method."
R. Francis

"I was blown away at the amount of information we were trained in, in just 5 days! Having us do actual practice sessions is what helped me the most. I left the course feeling like I could start seeing clients immediately. And I did! I was able to work with my first client within two weeks of being trained. My sincere gratitude to you Dr. Demartini for sharing your life's work with others!"
C. Broughton

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"Demartini Method is reproducible and if followed it produces results" ~S. Gardiner
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