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Awakening Your Astronomical Vision
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 5-Day Challenge Starting March 22nd

5 Inspired Days Clarifying Your Heartfelt Vision and Mission
“What they say you’ll never do, may be the very thing you’re DESTINED to do. You deserve to live your dream, to be authentic, to be inspired and to go after what is meaningful to you!"
~Dr John Demartini

Vision Clarifier 5 Day Outline

Step One

Determine Your Hierarchy Of Values

Step Two

Verify Your Values Through Voids

Step Three

Get paid to do what you love

Step Four

Declare you be do's and have's

Step Five

Clarify Your Inspired Purpose Statement

“When the voice on the inside becomes louder and more profound than all the many outer distracting voices, you’ll have mastered your life.” ~Dr John Demartini

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