What Your Symptoms May Really Be Saying
An Investigation Into The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Symptoms
Hosted by Dr John Demartini
What Your Symptoms May Really Be Saying
There is a reason the health and wellness industry continues to grow exponentially year on year. So many of us spend decades ignoring what our bodies are trying to tell us, and end up spending vast amounts of money trying to regain our health!

Not any more.

Dr John Demartini has spent over 40 years studying Applied Physiology – how our symptoms are merely the way our body communicates areas of “dis-ease’.

We can choose to tune in and hear what our body is saying, or we can pop a pill to suppress those symptoms without identifying their underlying cause and imbalance.

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Entitled: “What Your Symptoms May Really Be Saying - An Investigation Into The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Symptoms”, Dr Demartini will unpack various common ailments and provide insight on what they may reveal about your health, perceptions and beliefs!

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Dr. John Demartini
Dr. John Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal empowerment. The knowledge he shares is a culmination of over 46 years of cross-disciplinary research. As a gifted educator, he travels full time around the world showing business leaders how to be more self-governed and empowered in all areas of their lives. He shows people how to develop their potential, clarify their purpose and inspire their relationships and live fulfilled lives.